To Be or Not To Be?

Soul-centred coaching:

the power of free choice.


‘Free Will’ is a myth. ‘Free Choice’ is the reality. As discussed in depth in Shakespeare’s Revelation, Soul-centred coaching puts into practice the (traditionally misunderstood) spiritual insight, expressed so concisely by Hamlet, underpinning all Shakespeare’s plays. It’s about choosing ‘to be‘ rather than ‘not to be‘. It’s about re-establishing your soul (your true self) as the centre of your consciousness. Instead of being driven by the drives and dilemmas of the false self (the mind and the ego) you allow the infinite wisdom from within you to lead you into fulfilling your higher purpose. In so doing you experience the freedom, joy, and natural abundance that is your birthright.

And, as Hamlet shows us, making this choice is not so easy. All choice has consequences. One consequence of choosing the high road of ‘to be’ is the resistance of our ego and lower nature. To sustain a high state of being takes awareness, practice, and the unfailing support of a trusted mentor.

Clients often ask me if this is a religious process. I would say it is more aligned to a definition of spiritual practice.

Religion vs spiritualitySpirituality and religion are obviously not mutually exclusive. Everyone is ‘spiritual’. How you chose to express or deny this is not good or bad, better or worse, right or wrong. It just is what you are expressing right now. Soul-centred coaching is not about judging you or changing you – it’s about first and foremost giving you more empowering choices and the courage to make them.





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