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horsejoy (horse-assisted soul-work)is an immediate and authentic way to experience the distinction between who you think you are and who you really are.

It’s over 20 years since my first trial sessions using (what turns out to be) ‘Shakespeare’s’ 3-Selves model. Over the past two decades, hundreds of people from all industry sectors, different  cultures, and varying levels of self-awareness have had an awakening of their true selves with profound impact on their personal and professional lives. 

My sliding-scale fee structure reflects my absolute commitment to make this precious and powerful work available to all who are sincerely looking for deep, lasting transformation.

Mirror of your soul

Mirror of your soul

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“What a result! The board is now a team.” – Bron Curley, Managing Director, Oce UK (Canon)

“What a result! The board is now a team. Personally, I’ve made valuable decisions about organisational changes I’d been considering for a long time – especially in the area of marketing. Even after only 2/3rds of them having done an individual session, the dynamic of the whole team has changed significantly. There is now a genuine willingness to be open and trusting, the atmosphere is more positive throughout the entire organisation. Somehow, although they experienced the process individually, through the common understanding they are now willing to take a chance with each other and see ‘vulnerability’ as a strength.”

Carlsberg UK

“Probably the best leadership programme in the world” Torsten Steenholt, Director of Brewing.

“This kind of oneness leads to better performance and better bottom line” Ian Deninson, HR Director.

“I found the course very useful.  It shattered some myths for me in terms of what coaching was about and, if anything, it has made me a tougher manager rather than a softer one” Darran Britton, Marketing Director.

“The structure of the programme was right to focus on ‘you as a person’ as well as developing coaching technique” David Frost, Head of HR.

“Engaging vision and values.  Challenging us to think differently.  Pretty powerful for a team to achieve all this in just 2 days” HR Executive

Waitrose, Jo Kelly, Head of Partner Development

“I’ve read the books, done the research and beleive ‘authentic leadership’ is the model for the 21st century. In just one day with Paul and his horses I learned more about my leadership than I could have imagined possible. I attempted to lead Serendipity the same way I lead my team and got some pretty direct feedback. The personal insights I achieved with Paul were truly amazing, etremely powerful and, equally important, a lot of fun.

Interbrew Director of Learning and Development

“Horsejoy is now a core part of our leadership strategy of creating unstoppable people” 

Marriott Hotels

“Creative and challenging at a core level”

Peter Collyer, Disney

“This has been a unique experience and totally different from anything we do in our leadership development at Disney.”

It was an incredibly personal feeling, being faced with such a huge animal and with the task of demonstrating real leadership whilst working alongside one of my direct reports.  I felt very mixed emotions ranging from humiliation to hilarity, whilst I was constantly processing what this means from an internal leadership perspective.  Focussing on a particular relationship was very helpful and being a visual person whenever I see that individual now I picture the horse in front of me. This experience has provided me with valuable tools to improve my leadership skills in a business environment. Many thanks for this opportunity.

 Mark Flemming, Director, Service Companies UCL Business PLC

“Yesterday was absolutely fantastic! Thank you for an outstanding day – unforgettable.  I think I have experienced only a handful of things that compare to the sense of achievement.”

 Peter Anthem, Finance Director Océ (UK) Limited

“The clarity and effectiveness of the feedback from the horse is incredibly valuable, its hard for me to imagine how so much could be achieved in such a short space of time by using a conventional leadership simulation exercise.”

Laura G, Big Four Bank.

“I finally found I could trust the leader within”

I came to the Cotswolds confused and searching for a renewed enthusiasm. Something magical occurred working with Paul and the horses, which I could in no way find on any of the corporate training courses on leadership offered by the bank where I work . With the help of Paul and his inspirational herd of horses, I finally found I could trust the leader within, set a clear direction and move forward without yielding to external pressure. I now have a clear vision of where I want to be and am allowing that plan to unfold with ease.

Gareth Chick, Director, Spring Consultants

“I gained huge insight into my strategies”

Thank you for giving me a magical experience. I gained huge insight into my strategies, and as well as my affirmations about focusing on the outcome and communicating honestly, I particularly liked ‘having an easy life’. Its so simple really.  I drove home still in a state of euphoria. You gave me a very special gift, and I thank you for the care, attention and great coaching skill that you personally brought to the experience.

HR Director, Interbrew UK

“We can now take the business forward from an entirely new level of team harmony.”

“Although Paul is an outstanding facilitator with a profound insight into transformational process, it was the horses who were the real heroes of the 2-day workshop.  Their innocent honesty and playful willingness, touched the hearts of everyone present.  An environment opened up where we each had a new awareness of ourselves and each other and can now take the business forward from an entirely new level of team harmony.”

Alison Winch, Director of Learning Interbrew UK

“It began with a miracle…This breakthrough programme is now a core part of the leadership strategy in Interbrew UK of creating unstoppable people”

Jeanette Cowley, MD, Marsh PLC

“I discovered natural abilities to lead that I had no idea I had.”

“It was an amazing experience.  I cleared a lot of false ideas about myself and discovered natural abilities to lead that I had no idea I had.  Even Paul was astonished when both his horses began following me around.  It was real sense of the team wanting to go with me when I step into my authentic power!”

Jacqui Brown, Spice design

“I feel utterly empowered and enriched”

Whatever goals you’re aiming for, whether personally or in work, I would challenge anyone not to come away with far more than they went in with.  I felt utterly empowered and enriched. My experience was unforgettable.

Nikki Hinksman – Id-ology

“…it took me beyond what I imagined I was capable of”

I wanted to come back to you today and thank you so much for Friday. I was such an amazing experience and I’m still processing it; connecting and focusing. I really didn’t know what to expect from the day and it took me beyond what I imagined I was capable of. The immediacy of the horses reactions made a huge impact on me, nothing like being ignored to tell you your strategies aren’t working!

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