Momentoring (mentoring and coaching)

‘Enterprise of great pith and moment is sicklied o’er with the pale caste of thought.’ – Hamlet

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Momentoring™ is a  unique form of mentoring and coaching where momentous results are defined and achieved by coming into the clarity and power of the present moment.

I have been at the cutting-edge of soul-centred coaching and leadership for 35 years. Hundreds of people from senior corporate leaders to those with severe learning difficulties have enjoyed life-changing results.

Just over a year ago, while writing about Momentoring™, I spotted (serendipitously) that Shakespeare was using the same empirical, ‘3-selves model’ of human conscious that I have been using to navigate my clients out of the dilemma of the false selves( NOT TO BE) into the clarity and joy of the true self (TO BE).

12 months later, the astonishing book, Shakespeare’s Revelation was born. You can sample a free chapter here. Or, to get a taste of the power of Momentoring™ arrange a trial 45-minute Skype or Phone session for just £25.00 + VAT.

Please contact me to arrange the trail session or ask any questions.


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